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Willkommen im PeerTuber Wiki

Ein einfaches und wachsendes Informationszentrum über die vielen inspirierenden PeerTuber.

Dieses Wiki ist noch in unfertig. This means that a full code of conduct will be added in the near futur (until then, the traditional internet 'don't be a dick' applies; to be clear this means no insulting, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, xenophobia etc.) Everybody is welcome to contribute. NB: English or French only for now, as the admin is not fluent in any other language, sorry.

This wiki, although not as serious as other well-know wiki, must be factual, this means that sources and generous linking must be provided. Failure to do this will force moderation and repeated failure from the same contributer will result in a ban (this wiki is 'public' and not 'open', so creating an account is needed). There is no experience needed for contributing, Niquarl is a first-time admin, so expect a few mistakes along the way.

How to contribute?

This wiki will host information on individual PeerTube channels, accounts, or instances (websites hosting the content using the PeerTube software). In time, the wiki may also host information on 'projects' relating to PeerTube that PeerTubers and the community might find interesting or useful.

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