About the Creator: Romain Filstroff, a linguist with a masters in “linguistique historique et indo-européenne” created Linguisticae, a blog about linguistics and then in 2015 published his first video to his YouTube channel. As of 2020 he has authorised his videos to be shared on PeerTube as well. Linguisticae is known for popularising linguistics and dealing with various topics, such as ethymology, the evolution of languages, the depiction of languages and linguistics in popular culture and the politics of french (notably with videos on the French Academy and “inclusive language”).

Audience: The YouTube channel has grown to reach over 300 thousand subscribers in 2020, nearly doubling from it's audience of 2018. Since 2018, on top of Tipeee donations from viewers the channel has received funding from the CNC.

Language: French/Français

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