Tim Krief

About the Creator:

Tim Krief is an indie game developer and engineer in computer science and electronics. He has been working on game development as hobby for 10 years and finally decided to make that full time. He only works with free and open source software such as Linux, Blender, Inkscape and Godot Engine!

The two main games he presents are:

  • CraftyCounty, an intense mash-up, being both a city-Building game and a puzzle / dexterity game where you explore and build towns by merging groups of four buildings to craft new ones.
  • Octahedrone, a physics based arcade game where you have to go through dimensions to restore connection between trans-dimensional antennas!

Language: English

Link to the PeerTube instance: https://video.ploud.fr/video-channels/timkrief/videos

Other Platforms:


Mastodon: @timkrief@framapiaf.org

Twitter: @timkrief

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