How to contribute?

To create a new page, just enter in your address bar, this will lead you to a new page saying “This topic does not exist yet”. Just edit the page, save and you're done!

Example: to create a new PeerTuber page, enter

We are using the translation plugin to manage translations (see also translate). To create a new page in a specific language, please prefix its path with the_language_of_choice:.

E.g. to create the French version of the previous peerTuber page, enter

Currently, only French and German translations are available. If you want to contribute in another language, let us know on Matrix:
To automatically classify the content, please don't forget to add tags at the bottom of the articles you create.

Example: for a page on a channel in English about linguistics, add {{tag>English Linguistics}} at the bottom of the page.

You can add as many tags as you wants, separated by whitespaces.

When working on translations, please avoid translating tags whenever possible to keep the number of different tags as low as possible. In particular, do not translate language tags (use English, Deutsch, Français…), you can add a “Language” subsection on the page with the translated version of the language if necessary. Generic tags that do not depend on the language such as “3D”, “Linux”, “FLOSS” should *not* be suffixed with a language notifier (e.g. do not tage “Linux_de”, just tag “Linux”). Language tags can be used to tell pages in different languages apart: for Linux in German, one can combine the “Linux” and “Deutsch” tags.

For those who would like to help but do not know of any new channels to add, we maintain a list of channels we have not have time to add on the todo page. You can just check them and make that list shorter ;)

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