Dr Codie

About the creator:

Codie means 'helpful person' and this channel exists to help you learn IT areas such as programming. Learning python is popular so there are series of videos for beginners, non-beginners, and also series on topics like regular expressions and python fun and games.

If you are really new to coding then you can start with Scratch programming and then move to a programming language like python. There are video series on Scratch programming and moving to python from Scratch.

Videos are designed for people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of education that is why they are called tutorials using simple English. Even if your first language is not English these videos are suitable for you.

Finally there are a wide range of interests in information technology such as the internet, computer basics and software. We have extensive experience is a wide range of IT areas and produce videos to help with course and exam preparation and revision.

Link to the PeerTube instance: https://tilvids.com/video-channels/drcodievids/videos

Other platforms: https://www.drcodie.com/

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